Excerpts from the Book I Will Never Write

#2 // 03-12-17

“But what good will he bring me?” She thought to herself

Everything was new to her. And perhaps she wasn’t ready for something like this. She was used to burying her nose into books and school works. She didn’t want the butterflies in her stomach, she never asked for them.

Peace was the only thing she asked for and that was taken away from her the moment he entered her life she hated him for that.

Excerpts from the Book I Will Never Write

#1 // 03-11-17

“What if you give up?” she asked him

“What if I don’t?” he answered

“But what if you do?” she insisted

He sighed and stared at the stars. She wanted him to say the words that will assure her, to hear him say the words she really wanted to hear. That the stars will never shine the way they do, that the sun and will collide, that his world will fall apart if he leaves.

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What are bridges made for? Of course, you know what they are and what they are for. Even the dumbest of the dumbest know what bridges are and why were they made. Bridges, are pathways that connects two different places, usually, it is made so crossing over a body of water would be easy. But “bridges” can mean a whole different thing depending on how it is used. Bridges can signify a transition, a part of the nose, a musical passage, etc. But what I’m referring to is, the connection that joins people, what really connects them and what happens when that bridge collapses.

Bridges between two people start to construct the moment they meet each other. Some bridges get built and stay sturdy for a very long time or even for a lifetime but some remain fragile, susceptible to the tiniest bit of possible damage or remain unfinished even. The first meeting will be vital in the building of the bridge, but this will not YET show how strong the foundation is going to be. Every interaction, every moment together; every deep conversation or even petty ones, every joke and laughter shared, every secret shared, every misunderstanding and fight and even every silent glances makes the foundation of the said “infrastructure”. They, some of the factors that determine the level of understanding between two different persons, determine the strength of the foundation. And the bridge only keeps on getting stronger as to how both parties nurture the relationship otherwise it will grow feeble, vulnerable and yielding.

A simple action or a mere decision could make that bridge fall apart in just a snap and the connection would be lost for the meantime or forever, well, depending on the people involved. Close friends do not necessarily mean a tough and everlasting bridge. These bridges can fall apart even if you did not want it to fall apart, they can be blocked so passage can be nonviable. There are bridges that we attempted to build but left it unfinished. There are bridges; however, built but dared not to cross again. There are bridges that we burned just because every attempt to cross is destructive and somewhat jeopardizing and makes you overlook your own worth. Though these bridges can be rebuilt over and over, I do not think it is going to be as strong as the last one. It is like getting tripped accidentally and acquiring an injury as a result. The damage could be fixed and healed through time but the scar will still remain. The rehabilitation of the bridge is hinged on the willingness of both parties to save the relationship. But sometimes, we get tired of the affliction. A person, no matter how many times they declare the extent of their strength, cannot disregard their own worth forever.